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Oumua is a smart breathing trainer: it improves respiratory health, quality of life, athletic performance, and helps you quit smoking or vaping through app-guided resistance based breathing exercises.

How does it work?

Oumua is a resistance based breathing trainer: the user either inhales or exhales through one of the air channels that provide adjustable restricted airflow. Conditioning your breathing muscles makes them stronger, faster, and more efficient, which is good for your health. Oumua Pro connects to your phone via Oumua app: the app tracks your progress, provides tailored breathing training protocols for different areas of health, wellness, and athletic performance, and gives live suggestions. Makes you fall in love with breathing exercises.

How do I exercise?

Exercise anywhere, at any time: driving, walking, working, or even hanging out with friends. 10 minutes of daily exercising is all you need, but there is no upper limit unless you feel significant fatigue in the diaphragm area. The only “but”: do not combine inhalation and exhalation training. Either inhale, or exhale through the airflow, but do not do both at the same time. For example, when you are using the inhalation airflow, the pattern mimics smoking or vaping: prolonged forced inhale through the airflow, then free unrestricted exhale. And vice versa. There are exercises where you will be asked to “switch” the air flow, but generally we suggest performing your inhalation and exhalation training routine separately to avoid respiratory imbalances and achieve the goals faster.

Why Oumua?

Oumua is smart: the app guides you, tracks your results, and tailors the exercising protocols to your parameters Oumua is adjustable: 2 airflows, 6 resistance levels Oumua is user-friendly: hand-held, discrete, silent, compact, no hyper-salivation, no stiff lower jaw, no weird looks (Unlike other breathing trainers) Oumua is beautiful: 8 soft touch color schemes, changeable flavored mouthpieces Oumua is not just another sports gadget: it is an ultimate life betterment tool that becomes a part of your lifestyle and everyday routine. Asthma, post-Covid, COPD, insomnia, apnoea, anxiety, depression, mood swings, brain fog, high stress levels – respiratory muscle training has been proven effective in all of these scenarios.

Oumua vs Oumua Pro

Oumua Original is a starter version of the device, which enables you to perform basic breathing exercises and establish your respiratory muscle training routine. 2 airflows, 6 resistance levels, premium soft touch. No app though. Oumua Pro is electronic, it connects to the Oumua app via Bluetooth. Oumua app tracks your progress (vital lung capacity, inspiratory and expiratory force, etc), provides tailored exercising protocols addressing your needs, and gives live suggestions during each session. Also - exclusive training protocols aimed at different areas of life betterment, gamified exercises, contests, challenges, giveaways. Everything you need to fall in love with breathing exercises for life.

Can you prove that Oumua works?

There are over 300 studies, including multiple meta analyses, on respiratory muscle training. Almost 100% of them, whether health, wellness, or sports-related, conclude that RMT works. Asthma, COVID, COPD, heart conditions, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, mood swings, meditation and relaxation, athletic performance, smoke-quitting – respiratory muscle training, if performed regularly and correctly, is effective in all of these - and many other - scenarios. Also, time and money-saving when compared to some of the existing protocols. For access to our constantly updated knowledge base, please proceed here.

Age limits

3 y.o. and up. Oumua app is intuitive and user-friendly, as well as the trainer itself. Changeable mouthpieces in theory can get disattached from the trainer, so younger children require an adult supervising their training sessions.

How long do I exercise?

Optimal: 2 training sessions per day, 1 in the morning, ideally before breakfast so that the diaphragm has more “room” for contraction, another to wrap up the day in the evening. Both sessions should take 5 to 10 minutes. The first one is inspiratory muscle training, the second one is expiratory muscle training. There is no upper limit to the training time, just keep in mind that breathing muscles are also muscles, and they need time to rest, hyper-compensate, and grow.

Paid subscription

It is worth it if you are looking to fix a particular condition or work on a specific area of your well-being. Subscription allows you to navigate between the tailored training protocols aimed at narrowly specialized cases such as conditions (asthma, post-covid, COPD, post-HF), well-being (sleep, anxiety, focus, depression, smoke-quitting), and different aerobic/anaerobic sports disciplines. Also - advanced stats, suggestions, guidance, contests, giveaways, and challenges to keep you engaged and constantly progressing. Is paid subscription mandatory? Nope! You will have access to basic exercises, tests, and guidance. No live suggestions or advanced training protocols though.

How to use?

How to use?

Oumua is extremely easy to use!