World’s first AI-powered breathing trainer

How it works

Oumua trainer uses adjustable resistance to exercise your breathing muscles.

Benefits of
breathing training

Increases lung capacity
Improves endurance
Less fatigue
No dyspnea
Better Sleep
No brain fog

How to exercise

Step 1. Connect Oumua trainer to Oumua breathing training app
Step 2. Perform the lung tests & choose from 30+ protocols for health, wellness and sports
Step 3. The app visualises everything you do and provides live guidance and suggestions
Step 4. Track your perfomance and progress with Oumua AI-powered training app

Your AI breathing 


Oumua Pro 2

  • AI-powered Oumua training app

  • Respiratory fitness tests to track progress

  • Visualisation and live feedback on each exercise

  • Training programs for health, lifestyle, and sports

  • Bluetooth connectivity & Wireless charging

  • 2 airflows for inhalation and exhalation training

  • 6 resistance levels

  • 2 Colour options

  • 20 min wireless charging

  • 1 month on 1 charge

  • Haptic touch button


Certified and Awarded


Customer reviews

World’s #1 biohacker
Interventions I’ve done to regain lung capacity … lung training: Oumua and IMT
- Bryan Johnson -
Huge difference for my asthma
As a legit asthma warrior I’m trying new things constantly to minimize the use of inhaler in my life, and unlike what I expected, Oumua is a huge help! I’m not afraid of an attack after the gym or in stuffy rooms, much less fatigue and brain fog as well, and my lung capacity has increased by almost 2L, according to the lung tests within the app at least ;-p The app is a bit tricky, but overall a cool and intuitive tool to make sense quickly of each exercise you do.
- Hollywood_Rose -
Got my 30 y.o lungs back
I have increased my lung capacity almost twice, from 3.5 to 5.5 L, but forget the measurements, Oumua is just a total game-changer for me. I'm 53 and I can finally run, lift weights, do all the normal stuff people do without some *** constantly fluctuating mixup of fatigue, exhaustion, and soreness. A must-have for anyone who had a rough covid trip.
- GWS_Akon -
More breathing,, less panic
Helps me with my ADHD,, there are different programs in their app,, and it guides you and calms you down,, also gives me razor sharp focus after each session!!
- Citizen51 -
Bought it for health and switched to sports with time
My wife bought me Oumua trainer to fix my lung volume, the PRO version with the app. She saw them on CBS. I am an ex-Paralympic swimmer. It helped me regain my results in the pool as well as in open water in a month. And the app is tailored to fit the needs of people who are visually impaired. They have the audio-version of each command like “inhale”, “exhale”, “hold”. Which is a huge deal for me!
- CarlowC -
An alright product to improve breathing
Oumua comes with a wireless charger and a UV sterilizer, the package is neat, the trainer is soft touch covered with two mouthpieces that are changeable. You have to get used to the app when connecting it for the first time and do some breathing tests, but overall the whole setup and the exercises are pretty much self-explanatory, and you have this virtual assistant that navigates you through the training session. Iam writing this 8 months after the purchase because iam buying one for my dad to help him get rid of his smoking habit.
- Diego141171 -
42 km!
I ran my first full marathon this fall thanks to this, my high altitude trainer got me one, Thank you Oumua you know your stuff running has never been that effortless, and on top of that mental clarity and my focus have noticeably improved too. Breathing training is something I would recommend to ANY aerobic athlete.
- ItsameJannet -
Game changer
Training my breath with Oumua helped me regain my lung capacity to what it used to be before 2020. There are lots of programs in the app, I used “post-COVID”, now switched to “Cycling”. I can make a deep free inhale again and it’s everything I wished for.
- KevinLecau -
A great tool to reduce stress
I am keeping it in a nice case and carry it around with me everywhere I go, it is literally the only thing that can stop a panic attack while in public. And no one bats an eye because it looks like I am vaping or something.
- JJJunior -
Everyone got 5 gears, you got 6
I can push myself to the extremes I didn’t know were possible at each boxing session, I honestly didn’t expect anything like that from a device that is supposed to make your lungs stronger. Breathing exercises supercharge the whole body, your energy station becomes stronger, faster and more efficient, and you can do the things the fatigue and breathlessness didn’t let you. With any sports, Oumua is a must!
- LCMichael1 -
My first positive review about a health gadget
Oumua is a neat little gadget that travels with me wherever I go, and I just love the AI app! I can exercise anywhere like in a cafe or while driving, and the app is making it fun and keeps me engaged. I also developed a fear of losing my 242 days streak, and a mild dependence to the training. I guess there was a reason why they made the UX to perfectly mimic v*ping.
- Katherine_North  -
Measurable and science-based training progress!
I used some of the respiratory muscle training devices in my practice, and they do seem to work by conditioning the muscles around lungs that control your inhale and exhale. Most of them just pieces of plastic though! They provide zero context on what you do and how much progress, if any, you make. What I love about Oumua, the training is visualized, meaning that the app literally shows you the breathing pattern, and how close you are to the optimum for each exercise.
- MichaelMiraresku  -
It did what 2 pills of melatonin wouldnt do…..
I had an idiopathic insomnia it is when doctors dont have any more clues on why you dont sleep…. Oumua app has a dedicated protocol that little by little made me sleep again when no dosage of sleepy pills work anymore. Saved me from a very dark place in life, worth every penny...
- Terrano-de-Loro  -

Science behind breathing training




Decreased dyspnea:
Dyspnea is decreased after IMT. Quality of life , exercise capacity and Maximal inspiratory pressure were
Improved sleep with RMT:
IMT offers a low cost, nonpharmacologic means of improving sleep.
Track running and RMT:
Track runners benefit from respiratory muscle training:
Improved blood pressure:
IMT offers a low cost, nonpharmacologic means of improving … blood pressure in patients who are intolerant of
RMT decreases anxiety/depression:
Results also support the other known benefits of IMT such as reduced dyspnea … , decreased anxiety and depression, and
RMT in Paralympic athletes:
IMT resulted in significant diaphragmatic hypertrophy and increased inspiratory muscle strength in h


Decreased dyspnea:
Dyspnea is decreased after IMT. Quality of life , exercise capacity and Maximal inspiratory pressure were


Improved sleep with RMT:
IMT offers a low cost, nonpharmacologic means of improving sleep.


Track running and RMT:
Track runners benefit from respiratory muscle training: