Increases lung capacity
Stronger breathing muscles
Better at any sports
No fatigue
Better endurance
Improved recovery







Deborah Arnold

Topped my results in both running, cycling and swimming 3 weeks into exercising with Oumua. Proud to be among the first to test - can recommend it to all runners like myself! Ironman, here I come again!

Chester Scott

My output during the sprints is higher, and I don’t feel exhausted even after the high load sessions. Also, for some reason my abs are now visible, the first time in god knows how long.

John Garrett

John Garrett Read next I increased my vital lung capacity from 5.5 to 8.2 liters in 1.5 months. It totally did give me an edge over my sparring partners, everyone noticed that! I have never trained so effortlessly and productively in my entire career. 10 out of 10, though I would appreciate a VO2Max oriented training protocol for boxers.


Athletic Performance

Improved muscle strength in athletes:
The results suggest that IMT-linear represents an effective tool to improve the inspiratory muscle strength of athletes, as well as sports performance.
General athleticism and RMT:
IMT/RMT can increase athletic performance and respiratory muscle strength and endurance. Sports performance showed highly significant improvements in response to IMT/RMT.
Benefits for basketball players:
A 4-week IMT protocol leads to a positive evolution of basketball players’ pulmonary function:
Improved anaerobic threshold:
Modified IMT enhanced the respiratory muscle strength, and the decrease in work capacity under hypoxia was reduced regardless of the increase in VO2peak.
RMT in Paralympic athletes:
IMT resulted in significant diaphragmatic hypertrophy and increased inspiratory muscle strength in highly trained Paralympic athletes with cervical SCI:
Track running and RMT:
Track runners benefit from respiratory muscle training:

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